On September 19, 1906 the Canadian Valley Construction Company sold lots of land in Blanchard. Nine days later Mr. R.E.L. McClain completed the first building and opened a grocery store. On December 19, 1906 the first post office department recognized Blanchard as a town. Mr. McClain was appointed postmaster and the post office was in his store.

The Santa Fe Railroad assumed control of a prior attempted railroad construction project in 1907. This railroad was the reason for Blanchard's initial development. In June of 1907, there were multiple grocery stores, a meat market, a couple hotels, pool hall, hardware store, multiple drug stores, a wagon yard, multiple blacksmiths, a machinist, multiple feed stores, a newspaper and publisher, lumber company and a couple cold drink stores in Blanchard.

The second lot sale was held in July of 1907 and a third in March of 1908. It was reported that four to five thousand people packed three trains from Chickasha, Purcell, and Ada to attend this third sale.